Use this budget calculator to create a new budget oriented around your health. Create an ideal body image or health numbers such as BMI, blood pressure, weight or waist, to improve for yourself and make it a goal. Now create a definite date to accomplish this goal. Make your budget according to a date to accomplish the goal whether its 3 months, 6 months or a year. Input your numbers accordingly, temporarily replacing entertainment for health (a membership package). Make a promise to yourself, family and friends that you will abide by this budget until you achieve your body goal and watch how fast you become an instant success story. Try it out! Check out our blog page for tips on a quick and easy grocery shopping list.


Step 1) First fill in all categories as accurately as possible, while deducting your income from your expenses.  NOTE: Whatever money you have leftover you may use that as your monthly exercise program (Skip to step 3). If no money is left over proceed to the following step.

Step 2) Next find a way to cut down on some unfixed expenses and refill the categories but this time placing 0’s into the Vacation and Personal categories. Postpone any leisure vacation until your dream body or great health is ready for vacation, if you can. Eliminate those extra personal expenses.

Step 3) Now with your new results multiply the number by either 3,6 or 12 depending on however many months of dedication you think it will take to achieve your GOALS. This new number is now the amount you need to use for a health program. Make a firm decision to improve yourself.

Monthly Income:

Mortgage/ Rent:

Household (utilities, cell phone, cable, maintenance, etc.)

Transportation (public transportation, parking, gas, etc.)

Health (insurance, medications, doctor visits, etc.):

Student Loans (interest/principal payments, etc.):

Homeowner’s/Renter’s Insurance:

Car (registration, inspection, insurance, etc.):


Monthly Other (alimony, child support, etc.):

Emergency Fund:



Food (groceries, dining out, etc.):

Personal (gifts, charity, entertainment, hobbies, etc.):


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