While being an active society engaging in daily sports and exercise we are striving to fight against aging, illnesses, depression and simply live life to the fullest. On the other hand, some of us are stuck seated behind a desk then immediately must be at service to a family leaving no time for physical outlets. This could be inversely just as detrimental to the body leaving our muscle to grow weak and stiff. Whether you’re that daily gym warrior, runner, tennis player or that busy business person or parent your body can benefit greatly from stretching. Stretching is the antidote to improving blood flow, the bodies flexibility in the tendons, ligaments and muscles, which reduces the chances of injury and decrease wear and tear on the joints. Stretching also improves performance.

When thinking of stretching its habitually done by oneself which is known as static stretching or active stretching. But a more beneficial approach is passive assisted stretching which is done by another where a greater range of motion can be achieved without intense flexion of the antagonist muscle.

At Stretchology Studios & Fitness Lab our Health Enthusiast will apply this relaxing technique allowing the body to fully experience tranquility. It’s important to note that our technique is performed to serve to the specification of an individual’s personal need. Stating this, common people and athletes of such sports will be treated accordingly.  Certain athletes are not required to as flexible in their sport opposed to others. Unknowingly over stretching an athlete may cause an interruption in the stretch reflex, delaying a quick responsive movement or even causing strain to a tendon. So not just athletes but everyone is special and will be treated with care. Remember stretching is not supposed to inflict pain, the ideal stretch is comfortable. In that case client will be informative about their sensitivity whether its too much or little range of motion being induced.

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What’s the first idea that comes to mind when you hear/read Self Assisted Training? Does your mind draw blank? Well here at Stretchology Studios & Fitness Lab we offer a system that allows you to train yourself. So, if you’re tired of trainers complaining about every bad habit you’re trying to end then try out our facility. But if you’re not and you enjoy that aspect of a trainer we offer personal training too.

Self-Assisted Training is a Heart Rate and Calorie monitored system that precisely tracks your progress. Your exercise program is televised, and your prescribed workout is jam packed inside our fitness bands. You will swipe the band across the scanner and now your workout begins. There will be a section of 10 different lanes with screens televising your individual workout all you will do is perform. You take control of your fitness. Your intensity level depends on you. There’s no limit to the amount of progress you can achieve and the best part about it is the big screen tracking your every calorie burned and your maximum heart rate percentage.

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If 3500 calories equal a pound, then sure enough you know what it takes to lose weight if that’s your goal. In a typical workday there might be a mistake in your diet due to your job giving away free yummies. Its ok, just check your caloric intake and get to the Fitness Lab and start pumping.

Women should target 500 calories per workout.  Men – 800. This is a huge leap beyond perceived exertion. Intensity matters.  Not only to what you burn during a workout, but for the elevated metabolic rate post-workout (EPOC). Adaptation occurs, change things like modality, time, style, and intensity to create bigger calorie burns and continue to progress.

Why it works: Using the power of gamification (turning fitness into a game or competition) our members become addicted to calories being burned and average heart rate numbers, much like FitBit’s 10,000 steps.

NOTE: Exercise alone does not cause weight loss. Come in and get educated by our staff to understand the importance of exercise and how to lose weight.

Self-Assisted training is a “Trainer On Demand” system licensed by JAM Workout.

Health & Development

Health & Development is simply personal training, but please do not get the two confused. Its understood that personal training is being instructed to do a few exercises by another who is certified to provide such instructions. However, Stretchology Studios & Fitness Lab took a whole new approach to improve one’s health.

Our Health & Development program is aimed to enhance a higher sense of thinking when it comes to overall health. We have health enthusiast (trainers) that provides knowledge on how to exercise and properly eat. When it comes to exercise its important that you are first cleared by your physician to perform such task especially if you have any injuries. If injuries persist, provide your doctor’s orders of therapeutic exercises so that your health enthusiast can help you heal. Working out can be strenuous on the joints if done so improperly, that’s why we teach technique and improve functional movement. After improvements the workouts will become fluid and intense resulting in better health and appearance. Once the basics are mastered its time to pair aerobic with anaerobic exercise along with healthier eating habits to achieve the best body goal possible.

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