If you love your body and hate pain, then of course having damn near perfect technique is vital for exercise! If technique is not stressed then the stress could later lay upon your joints, tissues or bones. Improper technique may result in bad posture, stiff achy joints and muscles, tendonitis, over strengthening, imbalances, and injury. Please do not jump into an intense workout regimen if it involves strenuous weights or complex movements. Be sure to allow and advise your trainer to fundamentally teach you sound techniques starting at functional movements before progressing to those compound exercises.

Having good to perfect technique improves maximum gains, properly engages stabilizing muscles and helps keep the body balanced.

Key Technique Errors:

Arching the lower back opposed to rounding. Arching the lower back may benefit the body on all variations of squats and variations of rows. The arch can avoid loading the lower lumbar of fully compensating the weight but instead engages the core and allows the targeted muscles to become fully activated.

Looking up opposed to looking down. Having the chin in the upright position may help posture, prevent leaning forward causing the balls of your feet to control your balance which could apply pressure to the knees. Keeping the chin upright also relives tension of the neck and mid back muscle such as the trapezius, levator scapulae, and possibly the rhomboid major.

Proper foot positioning can provide balance without allowing other muscles to become tense over the accumulated time and that may result in imbalances.

So give your body a break by majoring on the minors and staying healthy.


All blogs have been inspired by health readings, scholarly articles and TED-Ed.